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Lost and Found (in the time of covid)

The Kippincoe Revival

After a hiatus of several years performing sporatic solo gigs, Kip is collaborating with a group of high caliber professional musicians to create a sharper more vibrant sound. Full sets of original songs about living passionately and following dreams are interspersed with an occasional classic creatively covered.

The spontaneous introductions and story-telling that have always made Kip’s shows interesting are still prevelant while the songs generate a contagious energy that elevates any mood. Developing a stable of talent, each performance will be unique according to the size of the venue and the availability of musicians.

These pieces of our first performance are just a taste of the good times to come.

Acoustic Solo


Birchwood Coupe

Birchwood Trio

Birchwood Trio

Upcoming Shows
Kip is currently performing  according to his whim and whimsy

Twiggs                                 St Albans        1/1              6:30 pm
Rumbles                        Sugarbush          1/8               3 pm                                                   Arts Riot                       Burlington          6/11          12 pm

 Balloon Coupe

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