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writerFrom the greatest of writers to the sleepiest of students, we all need help transposing brilliant thoughts to paper. Whether it be a letter to your Aunt Bessie or a partner in your own version of “The Origin of the Species”, I offer to share this wonderful gift of verbiage that seems to flow out easily from deep within. Words can be mechanical and inhibiting, obtrusive or distracting, too verbose or too succinct, actually concealing their higher purpose, or turned loose to cascade like water nurturing the Universe.

Making up for lost time, there is no project or subject matter I will not consider, and being so open, I am learning that opportunities abound and interests are ignited in the unlikeliest of places.

When you have something important to say, but the words are just not flowing, or get in each other’s way, I can be there, like Cyrano, to whisper in your ear.

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Even the best of writers are so lost in the meanings and implications, the nuance of each and every word, reading their work over and over, simple mis-spells can easily be over-looked. So enamoured with the idea they want to express, they may be blind to the corruption of phrases or dis-jointed paragraphs actually written on the page.

Another set of eyes, objective and fresh, can sweep out the mis-typos, plug in and remove punctuation, and suggest alternative words or phrases to enhance the flow. On a per project basis, I’d be happy to take a look at any book, article, resume or term paper to ensure that the dots and dashes all line up in their best forms.

Self-Published Formatting

self-publishingThis year, for the first time, ebook sales equaled the number of books sold in print. A revolution is happening.

The advantages of traditional publishing are fast disappearing when the marketing requirements are no less involved and the royalty is only a tenth of what is possible when self-publishing.

With electronic publishing and print on demand, self-publishing is relatively easy, requiring HTML knowledge. Typically a manuscript can be prepared in a day and online shortly after. I am able to guide or upload manuscripts of any length.

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