The Road Thus Far

my 2 kidsBorn in Philadelphia, I was raised by High School sweethearts who grew into President of the World (in Architecture) and Mother Extraordinaire.

OctagonWe lived in a 50’s modern home that underwent 5 additions and boasted a unique swimming pool painted black with rhodies drooping into the water (my first contracting job). My childhood was little less than perfect with opportunities to travel extensively camping in the US and Europe.

Attending Middlebury College in Vermont during the 70’s was a good time, for sure. By the end, after a semester off to write a novel, I really had buckled down and actually earned some good grades. Unfortunately, I came out with a great ability to think, reason and argue, but little practical knowledge about how to apply things in the Real World.

306_T_Ls_HouseAn opportunity to build my sister’s house on a cliffside over-looking the Pacific in Oregon seemed a good diversion which turned into a 10 year exploration of life in a small rural community in a specatcular landscape. I married quickly a woman with 2 children and we produced a third. Life was full of music, hikes, child’s playand starting an alternative school. I earned my living as a carpenter, remodeling houses and building new ones on the fore-dunes.

In 1986, the marriage broke up and I moved to Vermont, then got side-tracked by love during visits to Philadelphia. In 1989, married again and very excited, we moved back to Vermont in search of the “Flatlander’s” dream of 10 acres and a beautiful view.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Several variations on that theme over 20 years all were problematic, but two wonderful children were born and raised. Dreams of writing and music were set aside and nearly forgotten as I became absorbed in a business that grew to 14 employees and 6 jobs running simultaneously. That job created stresses and failures that only the strongest optimist could withstand, which I did for way too long a time.

Riv2In 2006, there was no avoiding the conclusion that I had exhausted all of my resources for running a business and I slowly have withdrawn to a very different, more creative life. Serious rebuilding is going on.

HG CloseupThis website emphasizes the new focus on writing and music that have returned in a very deep and solid way. In some regards, though I have few regrets, much of my life seems to have been a shying away from these pursuits as I questioned my abilities to express anything of value. Today, I have dispensed with the judgement of value and just present myself in all of my glory and shame, and the daily movements between.

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