Wrestling a sub-prime mortgage at the start of the Great Recession in the Fall of 2008, a job to fix a toilet provides the opportunity to renovate a life. The loss of parents and two homes, a marriage ending and a business closure create the perfect storm of crisis for the author, forcing a review of his past to find solutions to live a more authentic future.

A men’s retreat begins a writing process, leading to a blog about the pain caused when–distracted by the busy-ness of life–passions go dormant. Within a year, old skis dance through moguls and a dusty guitar is restrung. Teaching skiing to children, he learns more from them about laughter and love. He forms a band and sings on the stage of New York’s famous Bitter End.

On the pages in between, the book examines a childhood where the only real baggage is a fanny pack of being loved too much and suffering a father too abundant in talent to easily imitate. Captain of the football team who became a president of the world and a cheerleader for life, his parents modeled that anything is possible, but in retrospect, the author realizes that insidious expectations can lead to a lifetime of self-sabotage. In response, he redefines his relationship with his own son and begins to teach that communicating love is more important than setting a standard of excellence

  The men’s version of “Eat, Pray, Love” without the romance, the exotic travel or the $100,000 budget–just “down and dirty” trying to make ends meet, find some meaning in life and change the expectations we place on our sons.

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Small Change (800x600)

Collection of Short stories soon to be available in print




Casting Ballots
Votes we cast don’t always elect what we expected

Please enjoy this short story as a prelude to the full collection (open)


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